About Us

F=Fiber-rich foods

U= Unprocessed foods

L= Low in fat and sugar

L= Low in salt

Taste great! You no longer have to sacrifice taste for your health!

Greatest Compliment is our customers are mostly non-vegan and say, "We eat here because the food tastes great, it’s a plus that it is healthy too”’

Full Taste is celebrated for….

Conscious – Plant-based cuisine – Products carefully selected and prepared to support sustainability.

Regard for the Land – We came to plant-based by way of health, for people and the planet. For us, sustainability is not just about the earth, the food or the ingredients - it’s about creating a way of life where we can all flourish. Using this focus, we have created an innovative style.

“We hope to make Full Taste an honest and welcoming experience for everyone. This is where every ingredient has its place and purpose and is treated with the utmost care to highlight its purest flavors. Beyond creating signature dishes, it is our passion to source for the absolute best produce to underscore our cuisine.”


Enjoy nature's finest as our chefs present a harmonious interplay of quality ingredients each kept true to nature’s perfection within every dish. The result is an innovative cuisine that continues to pay tribute to seasonality. Our food combines old-world training with new-world techniques to develop a unique way of elevated, plant-based cooking. With a lifelong obsession with food, a love of nature and a passion for sustainability and creativity. Chef Michael combines these things to create something completely innovative in food and drink — that shows a wider audience how versatile plant-based creativity can be, both on and off the plate.


The interior reflects our approach of keeping the integrity of ingredients with a soft color palette and décor that is comfortably elegant. A key feature is the glass-enclosed kitchen table, where diners can witness the chefs at work, reflecting the openness and honesty that is central to the entire dining experience.