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Michael Elsen

Michael Elsen

Chef Michael Elsen, a graduate from the Culinary Institute, is an innovative modern plant-based chef who uses his 25 years of experience to demonstrate that vegan cuisine can be both creative and satisfying. He uses the extensive palette he grew up with to present plant-based cuisine to a broader audience.

His understanding of Umami, or savory taste, drives him to combine elements of all five basic tastes to create dishes that are complex and delicious, but also subtle, balanced, and wholesome. Using flavor pairing science, (combinations which give exuberating glory to fruits, vegetables, and herbs), he elevates plants to an esteemed throne in the culinary world.

A student of bold theories of molecular energies, chromatics, and intentional cooking causes him to be mindful of why he cooks, for whom he cooks, and the desired emotional responses for the diner. Upon those assessments he creates not only a plate of food, but an orchestrated experience of pleasure and palette.


Gourmet Vegan Dishes Served Daily

“We hope to make Full Taste an honest and welcoming experience for everyone. This is where every ingredient has its place and purpose and is treated with the utmost care to highlight its purest flavors. Beyond creating signature dishes, it is our passion to source for the absolute best produce to underscore our cuisine.”


“Easy on your waist, Full on Taste”

Enjoy nature's finest as our chefs present a harmonious interplay of quality ingredients each kept true to nature’s perfection within every dish. The result is an innovative cuisine that continues to pay tribute to seasonality.

Our food combines old-world training with new-world techniques to develop a unique way of elevated, plant-based cooking.

With a lifelong obsession with food, a love of nature and a passion for sustainability and creativity. Chef Michael combines these things to create something completely innovative in food and drink — that shows a wider audience how versatile plant-based creativity can be, both on and off the plate.


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